Dear Herd!
The time is upon us. The hooves are sharp . . . and braceletless . . . and correspondingly angry. The ears are back and the untrimmed mane is ready to fly. There are 78 events this year (74 of which allow Donkeys) and we are committed to playing as many as possible.
We are attempting again this year to execute a “blog”. I’m not sure how this will work, but as I understand it, I send this email to a blog site and then you get a note that there’s something in the blog for you to read, which is actually this message. I really don’t know. Did I mention I co-CEO a technology company? Jonathan always did the outward stuff like social media, so . . . I’m going to hit send here and see what happens.
If you receive this, please do me a favor and email <> something quippy like “got it” or “you’d make a great technology officer” or “quippy’s not really a word – you can’t just adjectivize anything you want to (go ahead, use adjectivize)”. Also, if I’ve missed someone and you want to invite them to follow along, please direct them to <> .
Cards are up in just over 2 weeks.
Enter The DONKEY