And so it begins . . . Today we enter our first tournament for 2018. It’s the game we all know and love and more or less understand, No Limit Hold’em. Two twists to this one:
It’s one of the more expensive entries, so we will be playing almost entirely against professionals. There’s a bounty on every player, which means every time we knock someone to the rails, we get paid. This has an impact on the game as it means that “all in” wagers are more likely to be called. For example, if we are in the big blind and no one calls until the wagering comes around to the small blind, and the small blind pushes all in with a short stack, we are much more likely to call, even with a bad hand. While normally we would discard anything short of QJ perhaps we would play even a 27o if the small blind’s stack were only 5x the big blind. We will probably lose, but the value of winning is enormously enhanced by the bounty. This impacts our calling, but it also impacts when we will push all in. We can no longer do so as a threat, trying to push everyone out, because there’s too much likelihood that someone will call. That said, pushing with AA looks a lot better now!
I type this from San Jose waiting for my flight to Vegas. We should be at the Rio, bought in, and with cards in front of us at 4:45.
Donkey Ready