Heading in. Missed 2 hours and don’t realized it’s a super turbo, so I’ve missed 6 rounds. Going to head in with a small stack. Let’s play ball.
Playing 9-handed 100-400-800. I will start each playing hand with the button (s4 means button in seat 4). We are in seat 6. We start with 50,000 in chips.
Quickly clear that these guys are playing fast. First hand flops KK6 w 2 Spades and 2 guys go all in with K9 and a flush draw for about 60,000. K9 takes it down. No one in seat 1 now.
S4. Our first bet as we’re forced to in the B.B. seat 8 bets 2100 and seat 2 calls. The pot is 6200 and it’s 1300 to call. We have 79. We call and the flop comes 478. We bet 3600 and seat 2 calls. Turn comes A. Terrible. What is he calling with that doesn’t now have us beat. We check hoping he will too, which would be a free card and a lot of info. He does not. He bets 10,000 and we fold.
S6. Everyone folds to 5 who bets 1800. He has done this twice in the 10 hands we’ve been here. Probably a steal. We have A2d and raise to 4800. The blinds fold and seat 5 thinks for a bit and calls. Flop comes 8TQ with only 1 diamond. He checks. Based on our pre-flop re-raise he has to be worried we hit the Q. We bet 5300 and he folds.
S2 – seat 5 raises to 1800 in what seems almost routine. We call w AQ and seat 7 raises to 7000. Seat 5 folds. The pot is 11,400 and it’s 5,200 to call. He likely saw the routine 1,800 as a steal and Our call as a weak play. He could have almost anything. A small pair would play that way. We call and the flop comes 79A. Fantastic. Now the only thing we are worried about is AK. If he hit a set, well that’s just bad luck and we go home quickly. The rainbow board also doesn’t scare us. We check.
He bets 4200. Very strange. Pot is 4x that. He is either prodding and hoping we fold or has a monster and it’s a suck bet. But a monster here might not even bet because the ace on the board will likely frighten victims away. We think about it and call. Turn comes T. There’s a straight on the board but nothing yet we are really scared of. At this point, we would go all in. If he has a monster he’s getting all our money on the river. We check hoping he will bet. He bets 10,300 and we push all in. He folds. Good result.
We are still a small stack but we have just over 70,000.
Been playing 100-500-1000 for a while now (100 antes, so 8 players starts with 2,300 in the pot).
Seat 1 gets filled. Now playing 200-600-1200, so pot is 3,600 before cards.
S4- s9 bets 2700 and seat 2 calls. It’s 1500 to us with 36d and we call from the B.B. pot is 10,500 and flop comes 69Q with 2 Spadea. We check and seat 9 bets 3500. Seat 2 calls. Weak bet and weak call but we are too weak to raise. Or are we? Hmmm. We call and hope to hit on the turn but it comes a 5. That prob didn’t hit them. We check and seat 9 checks. Seat 2 bets 15,000. Would love to play but that would be an all in move that we are not well-positioned for, especially with a potential check-raiser behind us. We fold. Seat 9 folds. Hmmm, would a raise on the flop have taken it down? Probably.
Okay, we still have 65,000 in chips. Learn later.
S8- seat 5 raises to 2800 and we have TQh. Seems like another steal so we raise to 7200. Everyone folds to 5 who flat calls. So he doesn’t have a monster. He’s out of position heads up and didn’t raise. Flop comes A35 with one heart. He checks. Hmmmm, if he doesn’t have an ace he should fold to a bet. We bet 7500. He thinks and then calls. Not good. Turn comes Q. That’s great if he doesn’t have an ace. He bets 10,100. Maybe he’s hoping we just call? But if we cal, he will sense weakness and push on the river. We don’t want that. We small raise to 20,500 hoping he’ll fold but he calls. Not good. But at least we got some information. If he had a big hand, he would have raised. Not sure what he has that he is in with and didn’t raise? River comes 4 and he checks. Board is now A35Q4 and we are confused. Could he have a 2? Seems weird. If we bet he will likely either fold or push, neither of which are good. We just check hoping not to see an A in his hand. He turns over 46. His play, except his pre-flop bet, make sense, more or less. Who cares. We take it down! Big pot.
Stack is up to about 100,000.
Now playing 300-1000-2000. Pot is 5,700 pre-cards This is going to turn into a push fest soon. I don’t like the super turbo. It’s starting to push away from poker. Even having doubled our starting stack, we barely have enough chips to play small pairs.
We fold through a cycle. 5,700 loss. Now in he B.B. hoping for something we can play. Haven’t seen a premium hand yet? S4 pushes all in for 12,600 and s5 pushes all in for about 30,000. We look down and see 25o and fold. They had JK and K4 respectively. Flop came KJ and s4 took it down.
S5- seat 1 raises to 5100 and sest 3 calls. We have KJh. Good hand but we are in terrible position in the sb. We could call, but position. We could fold, but in turbo we need to be aggressive. We raise to 25,000 and they fold. Good result.
Now playing 400-1200-2400, so 7,200 in the pot before cards. Absurd. We have just over 110,000 and it’s just barely enough to play poker. Every hand now will require a commitment to push all in.
Seat 5 busts out. Sad. He was good to have right in front of us with all his steak attempts.
3- Everyone folds to seat 4 who is the sb and he pushes all in for 22,000. He is short stacked and could have anything. We have 79d. Not great. If this weren’t a bounty tournament we would toss it, but for 22,000 against a random hand we call. He shows KK. For a hand that could be anything he has a monster. Wow, we walked into a shit storm. Flop comes 47J with 2 diamonds. Amazing! We have 14 outs (any 79 or diamond); all the sudden it’s a toss up. Turn comes Kd giving us a flush and him a set. Now anything that doesn’t pair the board is a win for us! River comes 9c. We take it down having hit both hands we needed, flush and 2-pair! He’s gone and we have a bounty chip!
We go on break with 132,000.

All the best, Eric Kurtzman
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