We are not playing hand to hand. For some reason they wanted to “reset the room”.
We fold through our blinds twice seeing nothing we can push with. There are 1196 players left. 14 to cash.
84500 left. Would rather push and die on our feet than cower and wait to cash.
On Jul 7, 2018, at 10:35 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Playing 2500-5000 with 500 antes so 12,000 in the pot pre cards. We are likely going to be pushing all in soon. We have a belly full of Indian food and some time, but most players at the table have multiples of our stack and they will force us to either risk it all (risk going home just before the cash) or fold.
Cards up!
S9- s7 raises to 12000 and s8 calls. We have 22 in the B.B. and call. We have only seen a few pocket pairs today. Flop comes QQ5. Hmmm. We consider pushing. If they don’t have a Q they have to fold. Instead we check. S7 bets 14,000 and s8 calls. Small bet. We call hoping for a 2, but almost ready to check raise all in if a small card comes. Turn pairs the 5. Gross. We check and fold to the turn bet.
S1- we raise to 18000 in the SB with A9s and the B.B. calls. Flop comes TTJ. We check and he bets 10,000. It’s a prod but it feels bad and we fold. He shows a T. Gross.
Seat 3 and seat 8, two of the monster stacks, get all in over the course of Q5J8J with KK against AA. Seat 8 is now the table leader and may now be close to the tournament chip leader as he has well over a million. May be close to 2!
On the other hand, we have blinded down to about 100.
1242 players remaining. Or less assuming the clock is a little behind. We are basically at the bubble. 60 players from the money. While cashing isn’t overly important it would be frustrating to bust now and we are in a chip position to have to push soon.
S9- s5 limps and 9 limps. Strange. S1 raises to 26,000 and we fold our Q3 B.B. 5500 loss. Painful.
We fold our 48 sb. 3000 loss. Ugh.
At this point we will push with AJ or better. ATs would work too.
S3- s7 bets 13000 and we push all in with JJ. He folds. Excellent. 25,000 victory.
S9- s8 raises to 12000 and we call from the B.B. with 56d. Not looking to spend extra chips here but 7000 to win 24000 and have a shot at doubling if we flop we’ll makes sense. Flop comes 39K. Gross. We check and he checks. Turn comes T. If we had a big stack we would bet because he likely has nothing, but with our stack he could be slow playing a K just waiting for us to put the chips in. We check and he bets 20. It’s bluff all in or fold. We fold.
We are now playing hand to hand. That means each table will play one hand and stop until all tables have played that hand. They do this to prevent people from slow playing through the bubble. The board still shows 1206 players, so we are 24 people out of the money. This could take a long time. We have over 150 tables.
They are sending us in a 15 min break while they reset the room. We are down to 97,500 chips. People will expect us to fold every hand trying to cash, but that is not how we play. We do not strive for mediocrity.
Donkey getting ready to leap!
On Jul 7, 2018, at 8:13 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Playin 2000-4000 with 500 antes so 10,500 in the pot before cards. Clock shows 1,504 players left.
S9- S3 raises to 10,000 and s 6 calls. We call for 6000 from the B.B. with J2. Flop comes 29T. We check and they check. Turn comes Q putting 3 diamonds on the board and giving us an open ended straight draw. We bet 13,500 and s3 calls. River pairs the Q. Our 2 could be good, but we check and he bets 53,000. Hmmm, he could have any pocket pair, but probably wouldn’t have called our flop bet unless it’s at least jacks. He could have a 9 or T, but why check the flop? With 2 queens out it’s less likely he has one but he did preflop bet so it’s definitely possible, and 53,000 is a big wager. We want to call. He could have AK or AJ. JK is a straight. Anything with a Q is a winner. We would be calling hoping he has either AJ or AK. That’s just too thin. We fold. He shows Ad as he discards.
S5- we raise to 10,000 with 99 and s4 calls. The flop comes 67T. We have a gut shot straight draw and likely the better hand. We bet 18,000 and he raises to 43,000. Hmmm, not good. We call to see the turn and it comes A. Not good. We check and he bets 55,000. We fold.
We have just over 300.
Seat 4 just lost with KQ to qt and is now short stacked (about 70,000). Board was 68TQQ. Brutal.
Seat 4 is out. Both hands were against seat 3 who now has a monster stack right behind us. About 800,000. Maybe more. He just counted – 950!
Seat 4 is filled by someone with more chips than we have. About 650. Seats 3 and 8 have enough chips to double us up and still have huge stacks.
S8- s3 raises to 10,000 and 8 and 1 call. There’s no one in 9 so we are in the B.B. for 6000 we call with 49. Flop comes 59K with 2 diamonds. Everyone checks and the turn comes Js putting 2 spades on the board. Everyone checks to 8 who bets 26,000. S1 calls. Do we bluff and put 76,000 in? Will all 3 fold? Not with 2 diamonds and 2 spades on the board. We fold. River came 7s and s8 took it down with 68s for a flush. If we had bluffed he would have called with a flush draw and gut shot straight draw.
We fold our small blind.
We have 301,500. Bad round so far, but we still have a solid stack. We are 6th our if 8 at our table though.
S9 is filled by someone with 280 in chips. S5/ s8 bets 11000 and we call with KTs. S3 calls and s7 pushes all in for about 100. Everyone folds.
S6- we raise to 11000 with AT and s8 calls. Big boy playing. Flop comes 89J rainbow giving us an open ended straight draw. We bet 13000 and he calls quickly. Turn comes 3s. Not sure what he’s hunting for but that wasn’t it. He checks and we bet 26000. He tanks for about 20 seconds and then calls. River comes 4d. He checks. Again, if he’s fishing, he’s not catching. We bet 56,000 and pray he folds. He tanks. 56,000 isn’t going to cripple him, but it’s a big chunk of chips to be cavalier with. He folds. Breathe. Wow.
S1- s8 raises to 10,000 and we call from the sb with q7c. S3 calls. Playing with the big boys. Flop comes 59J. Gross. We check and they check. Hunting for an 8 to give us 2 gut shot straight draws but we hit a Q on the turn. Nice. We bet 18,000 and s8 calls. River is a Q. Wow. We bet 40,000. He’s probably thinking he just laid down to us a few min ago and doesn’t want to do it again. We are just hoping he doesn’t raise. He calls and mucks when we shout hand.
Next hand we raise to 12000 from the button with TQ and the blinds fold. Good roll for donkey!
We are at our peak with 431,000!
S7- we raise to 12000 with 46h and s4 calls. Flop comes 258 with 2 hearts. We have a flush draw and a gut shot straight draw. We bet 20,000 and he calls. Turn comes Jc. We bet 33,000 and he calls. River comes 2d. Ugh. Only way to win is to bet. We bet 54,000 and he calls. We fold. Ugh! Huge loss.
S8- we raise to 12000 with JJ and s1 pushes all in for 54,000. We call and he shows AK. It’s a race. He flops a K and the race ends badly.
We are at about 255. Muzzle up donkey!
S2- we raise to 12000 with TK and the blinds fold. Good.
S5- s8 raises to 10,000 for the 3rd hand in a row. We have a premium hand AQs. We raise to 35000 and he calls. Flop comes 357. He checks and we bet 35000. He folds. Good.
S7- we limp with 34c and the blinds limp along. Flop comes 34T. Giddey-up!!! 2-pair. He checks and we bet 10,000. He calls and the turn comes 5. He checks and we bet 20,000. He calls and the river comes J. He checks. Our 2-pair feels strong. We bet 40,000 and he calls. He shows TJ to take it down! He rivered 2-pair. Terrible. WTF!
S1- s5 raises to 12000. S7 calls and we call from the sb with JQh. S3 calls and the flop comes TQA with 2 diamonds. Hmmm, we have mid pair and a gut shot straight draw, but with 3 opponents we are certainly behind. We check and everyone checks. Hmmm. Turn comes 8d. Now with a flush and more of a straight on the board, we check and fold to s5s bet of 25,000.
We have 244.
S5- we raise to 12000 with KQc and get calls from s4 and 7. Flop comes 47Q with one club and we bet 24,000. S4 calls. Turn comes 3c. Great card for us. We bet 45,000. He tanks for a bit and then calls. River comes Ah. Absolutely atrocious. We check and he pushes all in for way more than we have. Wow. That hand went from something we would push all in on to something we have to fold. We fold.
Brutally punishing round. We end hour 28 with 162,000 in chips. At least we have 75 minutes to get our head on straight, but the bubble is coming and players will push us all in to force us to fold rather than bubble out. This would have been easy with a 300 plus stack but now the game has changed. U like most players, cashing isn’t as important to us as stack building. Of course we want to cash, but we are t going to hide and fold to get there.
Brutal round. Ugh.
Donkey disgusted
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On Jul 7, 2018, at 5:50 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Round 13 – playing 1,500-3,000 with 500 antes. So 9,000 in the pot before cards. The clock shows 1,979 players remaining.
First hand back. S4- s7 raises to 6500 and s9 to 22000. We fold A8c and s4 pushes all in for 103,000. People are playing big! He has AK and s9 calls with QQ. S4 rivers a king to take the pot down and double up. Rude to wait for the river. They’re both surely shaking.
We are now 7 min in to round 13 and a second all in comes post flop. One player had top pair top kicker and one had mid pair with a flush draw. Chips are moving fast.
S6- we raise to 7000 with 9C and the sb raises to 15000. We tank and then call. We are in good position if we hit. Flop comes TQA with 2 Spades. He checks and we check, hoping for a 9 or T. Turn comes 2s and he bets 28000. He probably doesn’t have 2 spades as the AQs are on the board, but he could have JJ or AK or KK with a big spade, so bluffing is not an option. We fold. He shows KK with the spade.
S9- s6 raises to 7000 and it comes to us with AK. We should probably raise, but let’s see the flop. If he makes a big Re-raise we could wind up racing for a lot of chips. We call. Flop comes 6JQ. If he has a small pair, this is terrible for him. If not, we likely have 10 outs. We bet 10,000 and he folds. Okay.
We saw about 8 all in pushed in the first 4 hours today and have seen about 6 in the first 25 min of round 13. Not small either. 100 or more
S5- we raise to 7000 with AJ and s5 calls. Flop comes 57Q rainbow. We check and he bets 12,500. He either has a Q or he’s stealing. He’s new to the table. Again, what would Dickerson do? Time to introduce him to the donkey. We raise to 32,500. He tanks and folds. Well played.
S9- s8 raises to 7000 and we call from the B.B. with 58. Flop comes 469. We have a gut shot straight draw, but we could easily have hit a pair there and if he has 2 big cards, he missed. We bet 9000 and he folds. Good. He read the play book.
Just going to comment here that we haven’t seen picket jacks, queens or kings today, and didn’t get pocket kings for 10 straight hours yesterday. Not complaining as our luck is running strong. Just commenting.
S6- s1 bets 6500 and we call with 8Tc. We want to play this hand to see if we can hit and get a big fish, but have some fear that s3 or 8 will push with about 90,000. S3 does exactly that. S8 considers calling but folds. As does everyone else.
Next hand seat 9 goes all in and gets knocked out.
Clock shows 1800 players.
S1- s7 bets 6500 and we call with J8h. B.B. calls and flop comes 6TJ with 2 diamonds and a heart. We bet 11,000 and s7 calls. Turn comes Ks. We check and he bets 20,000. We call and river comes 3d putting a flush on the board. We bet 34,000 hoping he will fold, but he calls and shows TK to take it down.
Ugh. That last bet was in the stupid camp. Should have checked and either folded or called depending on the size of his bet.
Breathe donkey. Breathe.
S3- s7 raises to 7000 and we re-raise to 21000 with QKd. Our first preflop Re-raise today. He tanks and then folds.
We have 221. Have to adjust some here as the table is getting more aggressive, bets are getting larger, and we need to be more discriminatory.
S9- s6 raises to 7000 and s9 calls. We call from the B.B. with 36c and see the flop 359. We bet 8000 and s9 calls. The turn comes 2 giving us a gut shot straight draw. Didn’t hit him. We bet 18,000 and he calls. River pairs the 9. Biggest card on the board is a 9. If he doesn’t have a pocket pair, he has 2 big card and missed. Otherwise his preflop call doesn’t make sense. We bet 27,000 and he folds. Good.
Next hand.
S1- s4 bets 7000 and we call from the sb with KQ. Flop comes 46K and we toss 10,000 in. He calls. Turn is a T. We toss 20,000 in and he goes into the tank, playing with 70,000 chips like he’s going to make a big raise. What would we do? Hard to call, but we have a great hand with this board. Only really worried about AK, but he could certainly have that. He flat calls. River comes 4 pairing the board. Likely irrelevant. He can’t have a 4. And the second pair doesn’t matter unless he’s playing T6, which he can’t be. We bet 40,000 hoping he will fold, or at least not raise. He flat calls and shows KJ as he mucks. Wow! Big win!
Our table breaks and we move to Amazon tan 431 seat 2. Still in seat 2. This table has a few huge stacks (38) and a couple very short stacks (49) and the rest are around 150.
We quickly introduce them to the donkey, picking up about 40,000 in chips using treachery, guile, and of course good cards.
Oh, and we sent seat 4 home. Welcome to the donkey table.
We fold our last few hands and go on break for 20 minutes. After 26 hours of cards we close round 13 with 399,500. Yee-haw!!!!!
Stomping, crushing, spittin’, punching donkey!!!!
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On Jul 7, 2018, at 3:24 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Round 12 – playing 1200-2400 with 400 antes. So 7200 in the pot before cards when the table is full. We have 7 players at the moment.
Table fills while we fold away.
S9- s6 raises to 5500 and we call from the B.B. with JKc. Flop comes 78J with 2 diamonds and we check. He bets 4000. It’s a prod and we have top pair. We raise to 12000 expecting him to fold. He calls. Hmmm. Turn comes 2. That didn’t help anyone. We bet 18000 and he calls. River comes pairing the 8. We check and he bets 34000. Wow. What could he have? AJ? He would have raised the turn. A set? Again he would have raised the turn. We call and he shows 89. He rivered a set. Ugh. Huge loss.
S3- s6 raises to 5500 and we call with A5d. Flop comes 9TJ with 9Tc. He checks and we check. Turn comes Qc. Wow. He checks and we bet 12000 hoping he will fold. He calls. River comes Jc putting everyone on the board. Straights, flushes, boats, straight flushes. The board is 9TJJQ with 4 straight clubs and he checks. We bet 25000 representing that we have something and he calls with Ac for top flush (excluding the 8c or Kc that would be straight flushes).
We are back down to 228. Muzzle up!
S9- s3 raises to 6000 and gets calls from 7 and 9. We call from the B.B. with 35d and see the flop 7QK with 2 hearts and a diamond. We check and it checks around. Turn comes 3s. Hit us but nothing proud enough to bet with. S3 bets 20,000 and s9 calls. It’s 20,000 to see the river. We have 3 or 5 outs (5 if no one has hearts), and that’s assuming no one has 2 pair or a set. Not a chance we can call. We fold.
S3- we raise to 6500 with TT and our nemesis calls from s4. He checks dark and the flop comes 48Q. We bet 11000 and he calls. The turn comes Ah putting 2 hearts on the board. Terrible. He checks and we check. We can’t bet with 2 over cards out there. We pray for a T. River comes 7d and he bets 11500. Hmmm. Pot is almost 50 and it’s 11500 to see if he has an A or Q in the small blind. We throw an orange chip in signaling a call and he says “good call” and turns over TJh. Wow. He has about a billion outs. Board was 48QA with 2 hearts. He had 9 hearts plus 3 9s plus 3 Kong’s plus 3 jacks. 18 outs on the river and he missed. He was still less than 50% but that’s a lot of outs. We think without any remorse on this as we stack his chips, errr, our chips up.
S7- s1 raises to 5500 and we flat call with AKh. Premium hand. We like to play this against a lot of players but everyone folds. Flop comes 4TK with 2 clubs. He checks and we bet 6000. He calls and the turn comes 5c. Ugh. Really didn’t want to see another club. He checks and we bet 16,000 to make him pay to see a club river. He folds. Okay. Would have liked a bigger pot for our premium hand, but just happy to take it down.
We win two tiny pots on our blinds, both heads up against seat 1 who folds to our bet on the flop. Tiny, but still a total of over 10,000 chips won.
S5 – we raise to 6500 with AQ and get called by s5 and s7. Flop comes 358 with 2 clubs. Not what we were looking for, particularly with the B.B. in the pot. S7 checks though so we bet 12500 trying to buy it. They both call. No more of that. Turn comes Tc. S7 checks. We check and s5 bets 25000. S7 calls. We likely have 6 outs but it’s 25000 to call a 115 pot. We exercise discretion and fold. River comes 9 (missed us) and seat 7 took it down with JJ. Odd that he wasn’t betting the low cards on the board.
S9- s8 raises to 5500 and s1 calls from the sb. We call from the B.B. with 35s. Oddly common hand for us. Flop comes 388 and s1 checks. We are probably in he lead. We bet 10,000 and s9 folds but s1 calls. Hmmm. Turn comes Q. He checks. Even if he hit the Q, he has to be afraid we will bet the river too, so we bet 20,000. Hard for him to call without an 8, particularly as he is outbid position. He tanks for a bit, clearly pondering whether we have an 8. And folds. Good.
S6- s9 raises to 5500. The fire alarm is now going off an no one is paying attention. The voice over the speaker, while loud and annoying, is incomprehensible as likely 20 years old in the Rio deferred maintenance program. S1 calls so we call with A9s. S4 and s7 call. 5 players. Flop comes 46J with one heart and everyone checks. Turn comes 9c and s7 bets 15000. Oddly s9 and s1 both call. Big pot brewing. We call hoping for an A or 9 to river. S4 calls. 5 players still. Pot is over 100,000. River comes 3. Total rag. Everyone checks. We consider bluffing but even for 40,000, anyone with a J likely calls. S7 takes it down with JK. Nice blind!
S9- s6 raises to 5500 and we call from the B.B. with Q4. Flop comes 6TJ. We tank for a minute and checks. He appears to have bought the “we have a jack” act. Turn comes 9 giving us an open ended straight draw. We bet 7700 and he folds. Excellent.
Huge hand we were not in. Board is jQK8 with 2 diamonds and s6 makes a large bet – about 40. S4 pushes all in for 140 with A9d. Fantastic move. Puts massive pressure on 6 to fold a big pot. And if 6 doesn’t, 4 has 12 outs to make the nuts. S6 calls with QK and his 2-pair hold up when he rivers a K for the full house.
We end round 12 after 24 hours of cards with 268,100. Downhill fast for the first couple hands of that round but we picked a lot of it back up.
Head on straight donkey
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On Jul 7, 2018, at 1:19 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Day 3, the Donkey cometh.
2,997 players remain. 1182 get in the money. While the average stack is 131,365, so tournament-wide we are in a good place with 291,500, we are at an abnormal table. Only one huge stack here (just above 350), but glancing around 4 others have over 200. So we are in 6th place at this table. That will change our play a little. I like it because it means fewer pushes and we can play small cards looking to hit. However, it also means our aggressive bluffing is less likely to succeed. If we play the small cards, we can bluff if scare cards hit then board (eg A), but have to fold if they call rather than continue the bluff later.
We are in seat 2 a cards up!
Playing 1000-2000 with 300 antes so 5700 in the pot before cards.
S9- s5 bets 4500 and gets calls from 9 and 1. We call for 2500 to see the flop on a 20,000 pot with a terrible 49. Flop comes 27T. S1 checks and we think about bluffingnintonit, but it’s too early, there are 2 diamonds on the board, we would have to push 3 people out, and it would be dumb. We fold.
Next hand we fold 23 in he sb.
Next hand
We raise to 500 from the button with TT and the B.B. calls from s 4. Flop comes 256 h. We don’t have a H. He checks so we check. Let’s keep this small. Turn comes 5d pairing the board. Ugh. He bets 5000 and we call hunting for a T. River pairs the 6. Hmmmm. We have tens and 6s. Feels good but he bets 7000 into us. He could have a 5 or a 6 or as we find out after we call a 34 that flopped a straight. He takes it down.
Next hand (we weren’t planning on playing so many hands but everyone keeps folding to us preflop).
S3- we raise to 4500 with 46c and s4, who just whooped us, raises to 11500. We call. Heads up and he has a lot of chips so let’s see if we hit the flop. We call and the flop comes rainbow 69A. Not much of a hit, but we likely have 5 outs. He bets 7000. Hmmm, if he hit the ace, on this board, he shouldn’t be trying to push us out. He may have 2 big non-ace cards, which means we could even be in the lead (eg KQs). We raise to 19500 and he folds. Good.
S6- we raise to 4500 with AQ and s5 pushes all in for 29900. Wow. Everyone folds to us. We have to call. The only hands that don’t makes sense for us to call are the premium hands qq kk aa ak. We call and he shows 88. It’s a classic race. Flop comes 57J, turn 7, river J. He takes it with jacks and eights. 30,000 loss.
Okay, we are going to race a few times today and this was probably one of the small or medium ones. Stings, but it was supposed to happen.
They announce that in some flights green 25,000 chips were introduced. Those sound like fun. We would like some.
S9- replay of the first hand. S5 raises to 4500 and gets calls from 9 and 1. We call for 2500 to see a 20,000 pot with 34 and lay it down after the flop.
S1- s6 raises to 4500 and s7 calls. We call from the sb with 9Th and the flop comes 7TQ with 2 diamonds and a heart. We hit mid pair but probably not good. We bet 11000 hoping they missed but they both call. At least no raises. Turn comes 8c. Probably didn’t hit anyone and maybe we can push out a flush or straight draw. We bet 22000 and s6 calls. Not good. He called with someone behind him so he probably has a Q. River comes 8! We made a gut shot straight! The only thing that beats us is 9J, which we should have pushed out with our turn bet. Maybe not though. Now we have to bet as much as we can without pushing out a Q. We bet 44,000 because that’s logically the perfect number and he tanks for a minute and then calls! With green chips!!!! He mucks when we show and now we have 2 green chips! 😀
We are very close to the 300 marker.
S9- s9 limps and s1 limps. Okay. We check our crappy 49 and see the flop come 6QK. S1 checks. That didn’t hit us but let’s check in with them. We bet 3500 and they both call. Odd. The sb check calling? Turn comes 7 and the sb checks again. We check and s9 checks. Free card and signs of weakness everywhere. River comes 4 giving us bottom pair. Not too exciting. Sb checks and we bet 12000. They both fold. Good.
S2- s1 raises to 5000 and we call from the button with 66. B.B. calls from s4 and flop comes 9QA. Not what we were looking for. We fold to the first bet.
S5- We raise to 5000 with ATd and get calls from s4 (who we keep clashing with) and the B.B. in s6. Flop comes 6JQ with 2 clubs. We bet 12000 hoping to take it down but s4 calls. Turn comes 6s. Even our gut shot straight draw could be dead now. We check and he bets 22000. We fold.
We have about 280. Clock shows 2655 players remaining with an average stack of 148,286.
S9- s4, our nemesis here, bets 5000 and we call from the B.B. with A7d. Flop comes 589 with 2 diamonds. We have nut flush draw and gut shot straight draw. Plus our A may be good. We bet 7500 and he calls. Turn comes 2c. Not good but we continuation bet 16000. He calls and the river pairs the 2 with a 2h. We missed. The 2s should have hit him unless he has an over pair. We bet 29000 hoping he will fold but he raises to 75000. We fold and he shows 99 for a full house. Ouch. Big loss. We bluffed into a monster.
We are back down to about 216.
S3- s1 and 3 go all in preflop with aces (seat 1) beating kings.
S5- s9 raises to 4500 and we call with 45d. S4 and 7 call. Flop comes 6JQ with one diamond. Checks around and turn comes 2h. S9 bets 12000 and we fold.
S6- we bet 4500 with AA. Giddey-up! Seat 5 calls and the flop comes 5TT. Not good. He could certainly be playing a T. This is the guy we doubled up earlier and he has about 50k now. We bet 5000 and he calls. This doesn’t narrow his hand much. He could have 2 big cards or a T. We can probably eliminate small pairs (except 5s). He would likely raise with those. Turn comes A. WTF! Holy shiznit! We hit aces full on the turn. Calm donkey. Calm donkey. We nonchalantly check and he tanks for a minute and then bets 3600. Weak prod. Of course it’s highly unlikely that the A hit him as there’s only one we can’t see. However, as he has to think we could have one, if he had a T he would likely bet more because we now have outs (an ace could give us a full house or paint could give us a straight). Odd. Maybe he’s bluffing? Maybe he does have the missing ace? His play doesn’t fit well into our programs. We flat call and hope to get more money from him on the river. River comes an innocuous rag. Can’t recall exactly. Something like 7h. We check and he goes into the tank. He looks like he’s going to bet. Then he pulls it back. Then he bets 18,000! We ask what he still has behind and it’s about 13000. If he has anything he has to call if we push. Even if he has a 5 or a 7 or a KQ he has to think we might be bullying him out. How to push? Hyper aggressive or casual? We ask internally for about the 100th time, “what would Dickerson do?” We grab our big stack. It’s 20 orange chips with two green chips at the end. We drop it in and he snap calls. The only hand that beats us is TT. He turns his cards T . . . A !!!! We had one out after the flop and hit it in a way that gave him a full house. Didn’t register in our program because it’s a fantasy hand!
He takes it well, says good luck, and walks out. Amazing.
We end round 11, after 22 hours of cards, with 315,100.
Donkey taking some deep breaths.
On Jul 5, 2018, at 11:18 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Let Round 10 begin. Final 2 hours of day 2.
Playing 800-1600 with 200 antes, so 4200 in the pot before cards. Kind of annoyed about calling with the A3h. Feel like that was an unnecessary 5000 expense. Not the worst played hand so far, but I believe #3 on my list of mistakes. Okay, game muzzle on. Cards up.
Ugh. Can’t recount the hand. Just going to say that we ran into aces when we thought we were facing something like AK and we bet and bet on a small board and lost 35,000 in chips. Gross. Back under 100. Time to donkey up.
S7- Afro boy raises to 3500 from s6 and we call with QK. B.B. calls and flop comes 29Tc. We have the Kc. Afro bets 4000 and we call and the B.B. calls. Looking for a red jack or the Ac. Turn comes 2s. They both check. We want to see the river so we check and it comes Qc. We have second nut flush. They both check. If we bet, they likely won’t call unless they happen to have the Jc. If they check raise, we will worry they have the Ac. We exercise discretion and check. S9 shows TJ for a pair and s6 folds. Neither had a club. A red jack would have resulted in a huge pot for us but happy to take this mid pot down.
S1- agro again raises to 3500 and we call with A9c because, again, if we can hit against agro it will all be worthwhile. S3 calls and the flop comes 4TK with 2 clubs. Not perfect, but very nice. They both check and we bet 7000. S3 folds and agro, true to form, raises to 25000. Big decision time. We could fold. Heads up we are likely behind. Assuming the ace is good for us, we have 12 outs, or about a 44% chance of winning he hand. So folding is an option, but at 44%, calling makes more sense, particularly as we will have 2 more rounds of wagering if we hit the turn. The real question is whether we want to push all in for about 70 more. He would likely fold, but not if he has a monster. So we win the good size pot if he is not big and we go home if he is? Or rather we have to make our flush if he is. We call and pray for a club to turn. Turn comes 5c. Giddey-giddey-up!!! Try to act calm. Try. Try. We have the nut flush in a big pot against agro boy and 2 rounds of betting. And he’s betting into us! He bets 36,000. That’s half our stack. We have to consider what he has. If he has a set, this will go all in now or on the river regardless of the river. Even if a 4th club falls he will likely call our all in at that point. If he has a weak king or another pair, we want to let him see the river to get better. At the end of the day, if the board pairs and that gives him a boat, we are going home. In any other scenario, we are better calling and hoping he pushes on the river or calls our push. We call. River comes Ks. Terrible. Any pairing of the board is bad but the top pair is the worst. If he had a set or 2 pair, he probably made a boat. If he didn’t make a boat, he will now be afraid that we have 2 bigger pair or a king. If we push now he may fold. He checks. Giddey-up! No way he checks if he’s full. We push all in for our last 35 and he folds.
We didn’t double up, but that was the biggest hand we’ve played and pretty damn proud of how it laid out and why. The only mistake may have been the all in at the end. Maybe if we had bet 10k he would have called? But then if he showed KQ we would be annoyed we didn’t go all in. Hmmm, think we did that right.
S7- we raise to 3590 with A7 trying to steal but the B.B. calls. Flop comes 57K. He checks and we bet 4500 on our pair of 7s. He folds. Good result.
We have 182 in chips and 70 minutes left of round 10.
Still haven’t seen aces or kings today. Hoping they will pay a visit in the next hour.
S5- s8 bets 3500 and s4 calls. We call from the B.B. with J8 and the flop comes 99Q with 2 Spades. We check and they check. The turn comes 2s. Lots of scary stuff out there. We need a T for a gut shot straight, but we could have a 9, a Q or a couple spades. So we bet 6500 and they fold. Good. Well done boys.
S6- s9 raises to 4000 and we call from the sb with TKh. Good hand to see if we can catch something big. Unfortunately s8 raises to 13500. We can probably convince ourselves to call if s9 calls, but he three bets to 26000 and we fold (as does s8).
S8- Agro bets 3500 and we call with 78h. S8 calls and the flop comes 334 with 1 heart. Agro bets 3500 and we call along with s8. The turn comes 7d giving us a pair and putting 2 diamonds on the board. Agro checks and we bet 12500 thinking we are now in the lead. No one else thinks so. S8 raises to 25000 and agro pushes to 55000. Everyone must think we are bluffing. Agro thinks s8 thinks it. We may actually still be good, but we can’t risk 1/3 of our stack this way. We fold. S8 folds.
We have 45 min left and will just have to be a bit and play big hands after the flop.
We have 167.
S5- s8 raises to 3300 and everyone folds to us in the B.B. it’s 1700 to us so we call with 68. Flop comes A68. Giddey up! We check and he bets his purported ace 4800. We check raise to 13,500 to make him pay to see the turn. He calls and the turn comes A. Ugh. Totally gross. He wouldn’t have called us without an ace, which means we are all but drawing dead now. We check, he bets, we fold.
S6- s2 raises to 3500 and we call from the sb with QK. S8 calls and the flop comes 2TKs. We don’t have any spades, but we bet 4500 on our kings and s8 calls. The turn comes 2c and we bet 13,000. S8 calls again. Hmmmm, best guess is he has the As and a T or a K, but if he had AK with As he likely would have raised ore flop or on the flop. River comes 5h and we bet 25,000. He tanks and folds. Good result.
We are back to 182. Good thing another spade didn’t come!
When the clock hits 19 minutes they announce a random number of hands to play. This stops people from gaming the system to avoid the blinds. Day 1 ended with us having to play both the blinds and then stop. They’ve just announced 4 more hands, which will again have us playing both blinds and the stopping.
S5-s8 raises to 3500 and everyone folds to us in the B.B. we call with 89 and the flop comes 59Q. Good. We check and he checks. Great. Turn comes 2c. Puts two clubs on the board but otherwise a total rag. We bet 6500 and he raises to 15000. Not good. AQ? Is he just trying to push us out? We are tired, but donkey doesn’t like pushy people. We call looking for an 8 or 9 to river. River comes 6. No help, but probably didn’t help him either. We check. He checks and mucks when we show our 9.
That’s our peak for the tournament so far. We fold our sb for a cost of 1000 and bag up 201,500 chips for the night. Pretty happy with the play, particularly in the absence of KK or AA all day.
We play day 3 Saturday at 11am. More then! Thanks for riding along.
Donkey night night.
On Jul 5, 2018, at 8:50 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Playing 600-1200 with 200 antes so 3600 in the pot before cards (seat 3 is empty).
First hand s6- s9 raises to 2600 and we re-raise to 7600 from the sb with AK. S9 calls and the flop comes 236. Not what we were looking for but probably didn’t hit him. We bet 7400 and he folds. Good.
S9- we raise to 3200 with AT and s8 Re-raises to 7800. We lay it down for the same reasons we did at the end of the last round. Discretion and the donkey are not often friends.
Table is full.
S5- short stack in seat 3 raises to 3200 and we call from the B.B. with 68h. Flop comes A66. Giddey-up. We check hoping he will bet and he pushes all in for 21,000. We snap call and he shows KK. Terrible push with an ace on board. We don’t call unless we have him beat. Not our problem. We are a 92% favorite and the turn comes 7 and river J and there’s an empty seat at the table.
We have over 140 now. Giddey-up. But time to take a deep breath. Just like we do after a bad beat, someone just bad bet into us. He couldn’t get over he fact that his kings were dead and pushed 20k in chips in hoping for a different outcome.
Table is full again.
S1- we raise to 3000 with AQc, maybe our 4th premium hand today? Everyone folds. Okay. 3400 easy chips.
We check through our blinds.
S3- we raise to 3000 with JQh and the B.B. calls. Flop comes TQA rainbow. He checks and we bet 3800. He flat calls. Turn comes 4. No help there but he checks so we bet our mid pair and gut shot straight draw – 7800. He calls again. River comes 8. He bets 11500. Hmmmm. He almost has to have A8. Thatbor he was slow playing a set with a straight draw on the board. Not sure, but want none of it and fold. Big loss. He shows an ace as he folds.
S6- s6 raises to 3600 and we call with QK. B.B. calls and flop comes 2TK with 2 hearts. Nice. We check. B.B. checks and s6 bets 4000. We raise to 8000. B.B. folds and s6 calls the check raise. Turn comes 7h. Not good. We don’t have a heart and don’t want to see another. We bet 9000 and he calls. River comes Qc. Great card. U likely he called 9000 with a gut shot straight draw. We bet 16000 and he folds.
S7- s6 bets 3500 and we call from the button with TQh. S8 raises to 12500 and s6 calls. Hmmm. Pot is over 30 and it’s 9 to call. We call and flop comes 34J rainbow – no hearts. Terrible. S8 bets 13000 and s7 calls. We fold. Amazing things happen next. Turn comes 7 and they check. River comes 6 and s8 pushes all in for what will be 99,000 because that’s what s6 has when he calls. Board is now 34J76 and seat 8, who raises to 12,509 pre-flop, shows 46 for 2-pair only to be beat by seat 6, who was the initial 3500 raiser, called the 12,500 and called 13,000 after the flop (with just a gut shot straight draw) showing 67. WTF!???
S1- we raise to 3200 with 67s and get called by the B.B. flop comes 9JKc. Huge flop. He checks and we bet 5200 like we have something to protect from flushes and straights. He folds.
We are back over 140 despite the recent 12500 loss.
S5- s2 raises to 2500 and gets calls from s4 and s6. We call from the B.B. with TK and see a flop 5QK. We bet 4500 and everyone folds. Fine result. We are now over 150 for the first time.
S7- s6 raises to 3000. He’s done this repeatedly. It has no meaning. We have 56h and call. B.B. calls and flop comes 25T with 2 Spades and a heart. S6 bets 3500 and we raise to 10500 hoping to take it down. He Re-raises to 30,000 and we fold. Ugh. Right back into the 130s. Skipped straight over the 140s.
We haven’t seen kings or aces all day – would love to get them against this guy. He’s hyper-aggressive, has the biggest stack by a landslide, and is sitting perfectly to our right. We just need the right cards.
S5- Everyone folds to aggressive boy in seat 6 and he limps. We limp with AJ. Normally we would raise, but his history of Re-raising gets in the way. Let’s see a flop. Flop comes 468. He checks, which is unusual. We bet 2000 and he folds. Great result for our B.B.
We fold our sb.
Last hand of round 9. S8- we raise to 3200 with A3h and s8 Re-raises to 8200. We were hoping to steal. That didn’t work. We call to see the flop. He has a big stack and if we hit, it will be big enough to justify dropping 5k into a 14k pot. Flop comes 45T rainbow no hearts. Hmmm. Gut shot straight draw? We check and he bets 8,000. We are probably a big dog and the 8-9% chance of turning a 2 doesn’t justify the 8k call. We lay it down. Probably should have done so before the flop.
We finish round 9, after 18 hours of cards, with 131,000. Pretty happy to be above where we started today.
Ascending Donkey
On Jul 5, 2018, at 6:29 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Entering round 8 with 57,900 playing 500-1000 with 100 antes. So 2400 in the pot pre cards. The only small stack at the table is seat 6. There are 4 players at about 100 (4678), 3 about where we are (129) and one with about 28 (5).
Cards up.
First hand s2- everyone folds to us and we raise to 3600 with QQ. Premium hand! Alan. Alan calls and the flop comes 37J with 2 clubs. Great flop for us. We toss an orange 5000 chip in and he calls. Turn comes 4h. Fantastic turn. This is likely our last chance to get chips form him and we don’t want to let him see an A or K (or another J) river. We bet 9500 into the 18000 pot and he folds. Okay.
S1- s8 raises to 2500 and s2 calls. We have A5 in the B.B. 1500 to see the flop and there’s 6900 in the pot. With an in-donkeylike display of discretion we lay it down. One of them probably has a bigger ace and we can’t play this for he straight or the 5. If we were suited, it’s still probably a lay down. Flop comes 255. Agony. We should have called! They check and see the turn come T and the river 9 before s2 bets 3000, gets called, and then takes it down with TT for tens full of fives. We would have gotten crushed! Had we called pre-flop, we would likely be heading out the door right now.
S9- we raise to 2500 with JQc and s4 Re-raises to 7500. He has 7 players behind him that fold before it gets to us. He must be proud to bet that with all those live hands. We fold.
S1- s8 raises to 2500 and we call from the B.B. with ATc. Flop comes 39T with one club and we bet 3000. He folds. Okay.
S3- s8 bets 2500 and s2 calls. We call from the button with AQ and s3 calls. Flop comes 568 with 2 hearts. S3 and s8 check and s2 bets 3500. Hmmm, we have nothing but we can float behind him on the button and it’s a pretty big pot if we hit. We call. So does s8. Turn comes Ks. Terrible card. Our Q may no longer be good even if it hits. But everyone checks to us. Again, exercising discretion, we check. River comes Th putting a flush on board (and a new big card). They both check and we bet 12400 into the 20+ pot. They fold. Giddey-up bluffing donkey!
We are back just over 80.
We blind back down just under 80 and then:
S5- s9 raises to 2500 and we call with 66. S6 calls and the flop comes 48T with 2 diamonds. S6 checks and s9 continuation bets 4500. Flop didn’t hit us but it’s unlikely he’s raising pre flop with something that got hit by that. He could have an overpair? We call to see what he does on the turn, enjoying the float behind him. The turn comes 3s. Great. Didn’t hit us but didn’t hit him. He checks he’s either slow playing a big pair or playing 2 over cards hoping to hit. We don’t want to give him that chance. We bet 9000 and he folds. Good.
We are at about 90. Building.
S8- we raise to 2500 with AJc and get calls from s481. Big pot! Flop comes 4TQ rainbow no clubs. We check and s4 bets 3500. S8 calls and 1 folds. There’s 18000 in the pot. An ace is probably a winner and a king gives us a straight. Not a great place to be but for 3500 we will see the turn and hope. If we hit, we have 2 betting rounds to get paid off. Turn comes 2c. Not good. We check. Seat 4 bets 11000 and s8 folds. We fold. Ouch.
S1- s4 raises to 2300 and s2 calls. It’s 1300 to us to see the flop and there’s 6500 in the pot. We have terrible cards. T5o. A call here cannot be justified. So we just call. Flop comes 4JK. We needed a miracle. We didn’t get it. We check and they check. Hmmm, greedy donkey waking up. Turn comes pairing the jack and we fire 3800 into the pot. They fold. Giddey-up! It’s an easy game if you play like a jackass.
S3- s8 raises to 2200 and we re-raise to 5200 with JJ. He Re-raises to 14,800. Hmmm, we are either facing an overpair, which would be spectacularly bad, or 2 over cards and racing. Either way, we won’t know what to do post flop unless we flop a jack, which is unlikely. Hard lay down, but we lay it down. Sometimes when players discard you can see the bottoms of their cards; I saw an Ah in his hand.
We still have over 80 in fighting chips.
Our table breaks and we move to the Miranda room. Table 604 seat 7.
First hand at the new table. S5 (we walk into the B.B.). S9 raises to 2200 and s6 calls. We make an absurdly loose call with 39d and flop comes A25. S6 checks, we check and s9 bets 3300. S6 folds. We have a gut shot straight draw. We can’t call with that. We shouldn’t be in here in the first place. But they’ve never seen the donkey run. So we raise to 6600. S9 goes into the tank and then folds to the check raising donkey.
S8- we raise to 2900 with A3s and the blinds both call. Flop comes 899 with 2 clubs and they both check. We consider taking a stab at it but wait to see if a big card turns, something to scare them. We check and a 3 turns. Good card for us. S9 bets 5500 and seat 1 folds. Hmmmm, he could have a 9, but checking through the flop is hard with a flush draw and a straight draw on the board. Even less likely he has an 8 as any overcard would create problems for him on the turn. He could have a pocket pair? Unlikely for the same reason the 8 is unlikely. We call. River comes another 9! He checks. We are likely ahead with our 3, but if we bet and he raises we will have to fold. Also, it’s u likely he calls with anything we beat u less he thinks we are stone cold bluffing (and they don’t know us that well yet). We just check. He shows AK and we take it down with our A3. Giddey-up!
Last hand of the round. S5- everyone folds to the sb who limps. We have AT in the B.B. and raise to 4600. We don’t want to see a flop as we have a really good heads up hand but have to hit. He Re-raises to 14,000. Hmmm, we just got these chips. We are probably in front, but if we aren’t, what do we do post flop. If we hit the A we have to worry he has a bigger A. If we hit the T we have to worry he has JJ or something bigger. We fold.
We finish round 8 after 16 hours of play with 106,000 in chips.
On a side note, the press covered an earlier hand where I folded and the opponent showed KK. It cracks me up that in a room of thousands of players they know me by sight . . . And care?
Galloping Donkey
On Jul 5, 2018, at 3:35 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Round 7 – playing 400-800 with 100 antes. Pot is 2100 before cards.
On the last hand, while we were walking to the bathroom and thumb typing the last report, s7 got knocked out playing AQ against s4 QQ. Now playing 8-handed for a bit (so 2000 in the pot pre flop).
Seat 6 is filled by an elder lady in a fadora. She could not look more out of place. She probably has 70,000 in chips though so on guard donkey!
Sick hand we are not in. S6- s2 raises to 1400 and gets called by the B.B. cards come A2243 with B.B. betting the whole way and ultimately showin A4 for top 2-pair. S2 shows 55 to take it down with a straight. We like to see chips moving clockwise toward us so it’s a good thing but seat 2 is now chip leader at the table with just over 100.
We check through to our B.B. s8 raises to 1700 and our Japanese pal in s1 pushes all in for 16,000. We fold the 24.
S1- lady bets 1800 and we call from B.B. with 66. Flop comes 589 all hearts. We have 6h. We bet 2800 and she raises to 6800. If she has an over pair with a big heart? Just feels bad. We lay it down.
S4- lady opens with 1800 and seat 1 tanks and then calls. He has about 20,000. We have JKd and raise to 6500 looking for folds. Lady folds but seat 1 pushes all in. His choices are essentially fold or push so this isn’t too meaningful. We are probably behind, but it’s 13,000 to call and possibly win over 30 that’s in the pot. We call and he shows AA. Ugh. Terrible. The board gives us a K but that’s not enough. Big loss. Big chance and not a good result.
We are down to 69,000. Still a solid stack but wow. Need to not think about that or we will tilt and go in not smart.
S7- we raise to 1900 with AQh, our first premium hand of the day, and get calls from the lady in S7 and the B.B. in s9. Good. Flop comes 568 with one heart. Not good. S9 checks and we check. The lady bets 2500 and s9 check raises to 6900. We fold. Lady folds.
S2- s1 raises to 1800 and we call from the sb with K7d. We have enough chips to fish. B.B. calls. All of us have 50-70 in chips so good hand for us to fish with. Flop comes 99T with no diamonds. Terrible. We check through and the turn comes T. Check or bluff. We check. S1 bets and we fold along w s3.
We fold all the way back to our B.B.
S6 pushes all in for 4400 and it’s on us. Pot is 6500. It’s 3600 to call. So if we think we have a 40% chance to win we call (need some edge to make the volatility make sense). We have K4. If he has a pocket pair 4s or higher or any king, it’s a bad call. We fold.
We fold our small blind and continue to fold waiting for a playable hand.
S6- we raise to 1700 with 77 and get calls from s4 and s5. Flop comes 678 with 2 clubs. Giddey-up! We made a set, but there’s a flush draw and a straight on the board. We check and Alan in s4 bets 2200. S5 folds and we mim raise to 4400. He flat calls. We are looking for the board to pair. Turn comes Ks. Great card. Not a pair, but hopefully it hit him. It didn’t help the straight or flush. We want to make him pay to see the river. There’s 16,000 in the pot and we bet 8500. He calls. River comes 3c. Terrible. We check and he bets 17,000. We can’t fold the set. We call and he shows J9c for the flush. He had flush AND open-ended straight draw on the flop making it almost a coin toss. Huge loss. Ugh. Down to about 30!
S7- we raise to 1700 with J9h and get called by he B.B. in s9. Flop comes amazing 68Ah. We flopped a flush. AND he bets 3000 into us. We have to raise him off of a big heart so we raise to 8000 and he pushes all in! He has about the same size stack we do. Of course we call, afraid of bigger hearts. This could be the hand that sends us packing. He shows 88 for a set. We are about a 66% favorite. Turn comes 4c and river Js. No help for him. We double up! He has 200 left. Almost a perfect double.
S1- short stack seat 6 raises to 1700 and the sb call. We call from the B.B. for 900 to see the flop with our terrible K2. Flop comes 568. S2 checks. He’s either slow playing and wants to see s6 push all in or he missed. We bet 2200. S6 goes into the tank. He has about 6000, so he has to move all in to call. He eventually folds and s2 quickly follows. Excellent.
We have about 68 in chips.
S6- we raise to 1800 with 66 and s6 pushes all in for 3000. S7 calls and we call to see the flop come 459 with 2 diamonds (we don’t have diamonds). Lady checks and we check. Turn comes 8d. She checks and we bet 2000. She calls. River comes 5h. She checks and we check. She shows TT to take the side pot and s6 shows QQ to take the main. Pocket pairs for everyone!
We raise 3 times to 1800 only to fold to a big raise, two of which get shown as AKd. On those we had ATs and AQ. We folded 67c to an unknown hand.
Time to tighten up again and hopefully get something we can 3-bet.
We close round 7 after 14 hours of play with 57,000. Due to espn coverage we are going on a 60 min dinner break now. More in 3 hours.
Head above the water donkey
On Jul 5, 2018, at 1:06 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
7,874 players started over the past 3 days. After 10 hours of play, not sure how many are left. Today the players from start day 1 and start day 2 play together. Tomorrow the start day 3 people play. Then the survivors of the three start days play together on Saturday. More on that later.
We start around six in the pavilion room, green table to 41, C3. There’s one other player at our table (s8) with a stack equal to ours. Everyone else has 25,000 to 40,000 chips. Not sure how we feel about that as people will play small and push all leg. Our play of suited connectors and things like that will not work as well here, particularly as we get deeper into the day with bigger blinds.
We have 109,000 in chips playing 300-600 with 100 antes. That means 1800 in the pot before cards are dealt.
Interesting players. Adam Friedman to my left seems to wish everyone knew who he was. I don’t, but I don’t remember faces well (read – at all). He knows me so he keeps talking to me. Nice guy actually, but he seems to have a superiority complex mixed with a need to have others Re-affirm that superiority. It doesn’t appear to be working out well. The guy in seat 1 is like a Japanese caricature. Hes japanese, wearing bejeweled worn clothing, has hair almost as long as mine but with some tinting, is wearing multiple earrings and, to top it off, and jeweled crucifix necklace (Christianity never really caught on in Japan).
Seats 3 and 8 are definitely pros who have known each other for a long time.
Cards are up!
S1- s7 min raises to 1200 and everyone folds to us with K7. Not good but if we raise he may fold. But if he calls, or raises, we are in bad shape. We move to the stop and go, a B.B. move. We call and plan to bet almost any flop. Flop comes 55J and we bet 1900. He folds. It’s textbook. Donkey at the podium. Class is in session.
S3- s7 raises to 1200 and we raise to 3600 from the button with AQ. He calls and the flop comes 9JJ. Not good. If he doesn’t have a small pocket pair, there’s a good chance that hit him. He checks and we check. The turn comes 9. He checks and we bet 2500 with our ace kicker. He calls. Is he hunting or is he already there? River comes 9 putting a full house on the board. He checks. We check and he shows A8c to split the pot.
S4- we raise to 1600 with 89h and the B.B. calls from s6. The flop comes 67Q with one heart. Open ended straight draw. He checks. We are in position and wait to see the turn. We could bet and hope he folds but he only has 20,000 in chips and we can’t call an all in from him. Turn comes 2h giving us a flush draw. He bets 3200. Big bet but if we hit the river we should bet the 15000 he still has. We call. River comes 9s giving us a pair. Not good. He bets 3200 again? Odd. Seems like he’s just trying to squeeze some last juice from us but he’s going to get it. 3200 to win over 13000 if he is playing a lower pair. We call. He shows TT to take it down. Hmmm. Odd that he didn’t push all in ore flop but okay.
We still have 101.
S1- s8 raises to 1600 and s2 calls. We call from B.B. with 78 and flop comes 58A. Hmmm. S2 checks and s8 bets 2000. S2 calls. We call to see the turn and hope for a second pair or a set. It comes 2. Not good. Seat 2 checks and we check and s8 checks. Interesting? River comes K. Seat 2 checks. If he has a big hand he should bet as the turn checked through, unless he’s really afraid of s8. But s8 just passed a chance to bet. We bluff into it for 6500. S8 folds but s2 quickly calls with A9. Hmmmm, he must have been afraid of 8 but not so much of us!
Not good. Wrong direction.
S3- s2 raises to 1300 and we re-raise to 3800 with AQs. S5 Re-raises to 9000. S2 folds and it’s on us. 5200 to call. He has about 21000 more in chips. He is representing a big hand. If he has AA KK QQ or AK we are in trouble. Pot is 18200 and we can see the flop for 5200. What else could he be playing? Would he bluff with 1/3 of his stack? Maybe. The table has seen us bluff. Unlikely though. If we push all in he will likely call. Even if he has a small pair that’s a bad result for us. We don’t want to race for 30000 right now. So pushing is out. Fold? Much rather see the flop and hope we hit the ace. The queen would be good too if he has AK. And of course there are the more extreme flush and straight draws. We call. The flop comes 9TT with no spades and he pushes all in for 21,500. We fold and he shows KK.
We still have 80. Respectable. Need a luck shift though. Maybe some better play somewhere!
S2- s5 raises to 1400 and s2 calls. We call with Q9c. Weak but let’s club hunt. S3 calls and the flop comes KQQ. Giddey-up. We check and unfortunately everyone checks, but hopefully that means no one has a bigger queen. River turns 9! We have a boat. The only thing we are afraid of is QK or KK. We bet 1500 trying to milk chips from people who have nothing and seat 2 raises to 4000. Hmmmm, if he has a K he has 2 outs. He likely doesn’t have us beat but let’s not give him a free river. We raise to 12000 and he folds. He says he had AK but that seems unlikely as he didn’t pre flop raise from the button.
Okay. Medium pot. Right direction.
S6- we raise to 1600 with A7c and get called by the B.B. flop comes 7QK with one club. He checks and we bet 1900. He calls. Does he have a Q or K. Turn comes K and he checks again. We try to show subtle excitement and bet 2800. He folds. Good.
Next hand s7- we raise to 1600 with ATd and get called by the B.B. again. Flop comes 35T. He checks and we bet 2000. Love our hand but any paint on the turn could destroy us. Looking for a call, but want him to pay for it. He folds. Okay.
We close round six with 97,000 in chips after 12 hours of play. Not where we want to be, but not terrible either. No one has busted at our table, but we will go into round seven with a short stack in Seat 6. He could push all in at any point for about 10,000, which puts further downward pressure on our ability to play small pairs and suited connectors in most hands (he is in front of us when the button is s3, but even when he’s behind us in s4 or s5 button scenarios, he acts after us pre flop.

All the best, Eric Kurtzman
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On Jul 3, 2018, at 11:27 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Now playing 250-500 with 75 antes. So 1425 before cards fall.
S5- we raise to 1600 with 8Jh and everyone folds. It’s an easy game.
S7- we raise to 1600 with TQd and everyone folds again. They got the memo!
S8- s3 min raises to 1000 and gets calls from s6 and 8. We call from the SB with 9Jc and the flop comes A23 with 2 diamonds and a club. We check and everyone checks. Free card comes Ac giving us a flush draw. We bet 1800 hoping everyone will fold but s6 calls. River comes 4d putting 3 diamonds on the board. We bet 4500 representing the flush and hoping he doesn’t have an ace to call with. He calls and shows A4, asking if we hit the flush. Nope – Got Caught Stealing! Ouch.
S2- we raise to 1600 with 99 and everyone folds. Back to this game – like it.
S4- s8 raises to 1200 and we call with KJd and see the flop come 24K with one diamond. Nice flop. He bets 800. It’s a prod. Feels like we are ahead and only afraid of an ace. We just call and hope no ace turns and that he bets again. Turn comes Td. Giddey up! We may runner runner a flush! He bets 2700 and we flat call, now hoping to improve. River comes 9s. No good. He checks. Feeling pretty good we throw five yellow 1000 chips in. He folds. Nice.
S8- s6 raises to 1200 and we call from the B.B. with K4d. Flop comes 67Q with 2 clubs. We check and he checks. Turn comes 5 giving us an open ended straight draw. We bet 1600 and he calls. River comes 2c. Nothing for us but puts a flush on the board. We check. He checks and takes it down with KJ. We probably win if we bet the river, but trying not to bluff into this guy again.
S5- s8 bets 1200 and we call with AK. We just call because we like lots of hands when we have this. We are happy to see that s2 and s7 decide to play. The flop comes 88Q. Not good. S8 bets 2000 and we call to see the turn heads up. It comes a 6. He checks and we bet 4500 hoping he has nothing and folds. He calls. The river comes K! Giddey up. We should be in the lead heading into the finish line – wait – he bets 13,500? What does he have? He has enough chips so that he could raise us almost all in if we raise. Does he have an 8? If so, why not check raise the turn. The only thing that makes sense is that he has KQ and was afraid we had AQ. He has to have KQ or be bluffing. The odds of calling his hand exactly (KQ) are much smaller than his bluffing chance (ie – thinking we have a W and will fold afraid of the K) so we have to call or raise. But if he has KQ, a raise becomes destructive. And if he’s bluffing, he folds tot he raise, so it has no value. We flat call and he shows KQ. Ridiculous. One of the few times we’ve been spot on and so disappointed to be so. Big loss.
S6- we raise to 1500 with JQ and get calls from s5 and s6. The flop comes A24. Continuing to represent that we have an ace, we bet 2800. S5 calls. Turn comes 9. Doesn’t really fit with the board. We fire again, 4600. He folds. Good.
We are back over 110.
Just met a nice guy named Garrett at my table who is opening a vegan restaurant in Fountain valley – theblack bean.com
We end hour 10 and bag up with 109,000. Day 2 starts July 5 at 11am. Giddey-up!
Night night donkey
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Now finishing round 4 with a full belly. Came back from dinner just as cards were being dealt and slammed into my seat before the last card fell. The dealer started to muck my hand and I grabbed it. “No no” I said. I was here. Seat 7 confirmed, we raised to 1200 with 69c that we saved and everyone folded. Good return.
On the run to the table my bag snagged a players chair. Good strong bag. Almost yanked me to the floor and almost toppled his chair. All good.
S3- we look down and have AA for the first time today and raise to 1200. S2 Re-raises to 3800. Oh, look, someone’s come to play! We raise to 9800 and he calls. The flop comes 25T. He could have TT or diamonds, but as we have the Ad, there aren’t many diamond hands he would have played as he did. None really. Can’t play QKd like that. Pot is over 20,000 and we bet 7500 into it. He raises to 17000! We have a live one. Hmmmm, to flat call and then check raise the turn? Or do we raise here. Don’t really want him getting a cheap card. He likely has KK or QQ. Maybe JJ. If the turn has paint, we will basically be stuck all in. May as well push him. Here comes the Donkey punch! We raise another 25,000. This is akin to an all in move. He goes into the tank and despite all our prayers, folds. Great hand!
We have about 120 now.
S8- s5 bets 1000 and s6 calls. We call from the B.B. with A8 and the flop comes 57K with 2 clubs. We have Ac. We consider bluffing into them with the unpredictable B.B. special but the K keeps us conservative. We check and the do too. Hmmmm, no kings? Turn comes 2. Total rag. We bet 1800 and s5 folds. S6 tanks and then calls. River comes 8. We made a pair. Not sure that will beat whatever he has but we bet 4400 and he goes into the tank. We try not to look like we want him to fold nearly as much as we do want him to fold. He eventually folds. Yay!
We call a couple pre flop bets with A4h and 68c from position (s1 and s2) and fold after the flop.
We end hour 8 with 116,000.
Jogging Donkey
On Jul 3, 2018, at 7:36 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Playing 200-400 with 50 antes so 1050 in the pot before cards.
S6- we raise to 1200 with JK. Pretty weak but still in angry aggressive mode. S2 and s8 call and the flop comes 59T with 2 Spades. We need a q for a straight and we have 2 overcards. We check and s8 bets 2200. Hmmm, let’s see the turn. We call and s2 folds. The turn comes 8s putting 3 spades on the board and giving us one more out for a straight. We semi bluff 4400. He seems surprised at the change of control but calls. River comes 9c. Nothing. He doesn’t seem tonproud if his hand and we have chips now so we try to bully him out. We bet 9500 and he folds. Excellent.
S9- s4 raises to 900 and s9 calls. We call with KQ and the B.B. calls. Flop comes 459. Gross. We think about bluffing as we could have anything in the blind, but we go conservative and check. Everyone checks to s9 who bets 1800. Looks like a steal so we raise to 4300 and he calls. Not a steal? Turn pairs the 5 and we check. He checks and the river comes K! Ding ding ding! We bet 4000 and he calls and then mucks when we show our hand.
S2- we raise to 900 with JQh and get called by the B.B. in seat 4. Flop comes A24 and he checks. Our pre flop bet supports a statement that we have an ace, so we bet 1600 and he folds. Good.
S5- we raise to 900 with A2s and s4 raises to 1600. Weird raise. We call looking for a spade flop. It comes 34J rainbow with no spades. We check and he pushes all in for about 13000. We fold.
S7- we raise to 900 with A6s and wind up losing to ATc when neither of us hit anything.
S9- s5 raises to 1000 and gets calls from s7 and s8. We call with 9Js from the sb. Flop comes 3QK with 2 Spades. We have a flush draw and a gut shot straight draw but we check. Conservative donkey. S5 bets 3200 and s8 calls. Big pot brewing. Let’s see if we hit the turn. We call. Turn comes 4h. Nothing there. We check again and s5 bets 7000 representing a set that he’s trying to protect. S8 calls. Huge pot brewing. We call looking for a straight or a flush and the river comes Ks. Wow. We have a flush but the board paired. And at the top no less. We check to s5 and he bets 18000. S8 folds. If he had 2 pair (ether the king), a set, or the As with another spade he has us beat. He’s been pounding it. We let it go. Big loss.
They stop 90 min into round 8 for some espn issue and call dinner break. We head out with 86,250 in chips. At our peak we had about 96, but we are in a good place as we head to Indian food.
El Donkey
On Jul 3, 2018, at 5:55 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
4 hours in. 31,300 chips in front of the fire-hooves. Muzzle forward. Game on.
Round 3 is 150-300 with 25 antes and 9 players. So 675 in the pot before cards are dealt.
We fold and fold and fold.
S4- s8 raises to 700 and we have QQ. Let’s see if this goes better this time. We raise to 2800 and get calls from s6 and s8. Flop comes 467 with 2 Spades. They both check. We want to take this down now if we can before a straight or flush hits. We bet 4600. S4 tanks for several minutes and the. Calls. S8 raises to 17,500. Hmmmm. This is one of those inflection points. He knows that I can’t call without pushing all in. Calling is a pot commitment. What does he have that he would check raise with? He’s probably not worried about s6 who almost folded to our bet. He bet 700 pre-flop and then flat called our raise. So he doesn’t have AA or KK. He could easily have flopped a set, 2-pair, or something with a flush or straight draw (or made straight). This feels bad. Bad like the last time we had queens and this time we don’t have a set. Huge exercise of discretion, we fold. S6 folds and s8 takes it without showing. Damn queens!
We have 25,500. Not terrible. If we had called we would either be out or have 70,000. Hurts to consider. Onward!
We fold for a while and then:
S4- we raise to 950 with QK and get calls from s245. Calls mean they probably don’t have AK or AQ so we shouldn’t be dominated if we hit. Flop comes 89Q with 2 clubs. Nice. S5 checks and we bet 2000. S4 calls and the turn is 5h. Total rag. We bet 4400 and he calls. River pairs the 8 with 8h. Hmmm. If we check and he bets or pushes we are basically all in. We should just push here and make him call or fold. But really? If he pushes we could fold and still have 16,000. He has to know that pushing could go either way for us. Also, if we push, what does he call with that we beat? QJ? We just check. He preps to bet, thinks better if it, checks and mucks when he sees our hand. Nice win!
We are back to 33 and change. That last hand is going to haunt me. We left chipsnon the table. Had we made a 6000 bet on the river he may have called. Yes, he could have raised and put us all in if he had a straight or an 8, and that would have sucked, but we can’t play with that kind of fear. Bad donkey. Bad. Get your head up. Damn. Kind of annoyed with the donkey.
S8- s5 raises to 750 and s8 calls. We call from the B.B. with A8 to see the flop 8JQ with 2 hearts. We have Ah. S5 bets 2000 and s8 folds. We call looking for a good turn and it comes 2h giving us a nut flush draw. There’s no way the 2 helps anyone except in regards to a flush, so donkey screams flush by shooting 3600 into the pot. He folds. Donkey stepping on him.
Kind of posed at myself and I know I should put that aside, but, we’ll, call it a character flaw. Whatever. I’m going to punch kick bite and spit until I feel better or walk out angry and kick in random windows in the parking lot (okay, maybe not that, but definitely going to spit on someone).
S1- s9 raises to 700 and we flat call from the button with AKc. Monster hand in monster position. And if we hit, we will be everyone so we want a lot of players in the pot. Sadly everyone else folds. Flop comes 25Qc. We hit the nit flush. He checks. Damn. We check and see if he can hit something. Turn comes 8h and he bets 750. We continue to slow play the nuts and just call. River comes 2c. Not good. Any club is a flush and the best he can have is the J. He bets 1300. We min-raise to 2600 and he mucks.
There were a couple other small hands in there I didn’t have time to report. The anger came out in a good way and we picked up some small pots and rebuilt the stack to 46,000.
S9- s9 min raises to 600 and we call with Q8!from the sb. B.B. calls and flop comes 25J. Missed us. We launch 1200 in to see if it missed them too. It did. They fold. We pick it up.
We have about 48. Somehow 50 seems meaningful. As that’s an absolute fiction, pushing that out of the head. Anything extra is just distracting noise. Still, s2- we steal the blinds with K8h and feel about 650 closer to 50,000.
S4- s8 raises to 700 and we call with 78d. Everyone else folds and we see the flop 467 with 2 hearts and a diamond. Excellent. Top pair and a gut shot straight draw. He bets 500. Odd bet into a 2000 pot. We raise to 1800 and he flat calls. He is either an expert slow player or he has big cards hoping to hit something. Turn comes 3c. That didn’t hit him. He checks and we bet 3000. He tanks and calls. River comes 3s. While that didn’t hit him, if he had an overpair and was worried I flopped 2 pair, now he’s in the clear. He checks. If we bet and he raises we will be in a bad place. If he just has 2 big cards, he likely won’t call our bet anyway. We just check. We show the 78 and he mucks.
Not that it matters, but we’re over 50.
Sick hand alert!
S1- s3 limps and gets called by s6. We call from the button with A2 just to see the flop from position. Blinds both limp and flop comes 48T rainbow. Everyone checks to us. S6 looked like he wanted to bet and then chose not to. We could try to steal, but with 4 players it is unlikely to work and there’s just not enough in there to justify the risk. We check and the turn comes 3. Everyone checks to S6 who bets 1100. Looks like a steal, so we raise to 3300. He calls. Not good. River comes 5 giving us a straight! The only hand better than outlets is a 26 or 67. And we see it get better. He bets 6,000. Caution says to call in case he has the 67, but those are just tremors from the 9T that cracked our set of queens. We raise to 14,000 and he folds. Giddey-up!
We close hour 6 with 72,000 in chips. Stomping-kicking-spitting-punching Donkey

All the best, Eric Kurtzman
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On Jul 3, 2018, at 3:28 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
Our table breaks (first table in the room to break) and we are now in seat 1. The pro who was in s2 of our prior table is now in S6. Playing 150-300.
This is likely the only table that had 2 open seats so may be a lose table with an extra amount of chips to steal.
Turns out they started 6-handed. This discussion arose when the pro is s6 flopped a set of 7s into a set of aces and he’s out now. Wow. Quick. Flop was A37 with 2 diamonds and all the money went.
S3- seat 9 raises to 850 and we make it 2900 with QQ. Premium hand. Flop comes 59Q. Giddey up. We bet 3200 and he calls. Giddey-up! Turn comes 8. He bets 6200. ???? Does he have 88? No. TJ? Possible, but that’s a big call post flop. We call hoping the river will pair the board and give us a full house to put straight fears away. Interesting how the tenor of the hand flipped with his wager. River comes 2 and he bets 13000. The only hand he can beat us with is 9T. This feels just terrible, but if we lay this down, we can never call a hand. We call and he shows 9Th to take it down. Ugh. Massive f’n defeat.
We have 25000 chips left. We are at half stack. So pissed. Have to walk for a second and get the head on straight.
S3- s8 raises to 750 and we call with JQs. S5 calls from B.B. flop comes J88 rainbow. Great flop. We have to be afraid the B.B. has an 8 or s8 has a bigger jack. S5 checks and s8 bets 1000. If we call, the pot would be about 4200. We want to make our raise painful to call if we are facing another damn 9T. We raise to 3000 and happily see the B.B. fold. No 8 there. S8 calls and the turn comes 2c. He checks and we bet 6000. He folds. Excellent.
Every chip counts and we are back over 30. Slow climb.
S1- s9 raises to 700 and we call from the button with 69h. Not a great hand but we are in great position and it was a small bet. S3 calls from the B.B. and the flop comes 459d. Scary. S3 checks and s9 bets 800. It’s a prod hoping everyone will fold. We have a 9 and although we don’t have a big diamond they don’t know that. We raise to 2800 and they fold.
S8- s7 raises to 700 and s9 calls. We are in the B.B. with 47. Terrible, but it’s only 400 to call and no one is acting behind us. The pot has 1700 in it. We call and the flop comes 47J with 2 Spades. Amazing! We check hoping one of them will bet but they both check and the turn comes 9c. Could be a bad card for us and they got it for free. That’s the cost of slow playing, but no more. We bet 1100 and s7 calls. The river comes Kd and we bet 3000. He calls and shows TK. He didn’t have to show first, but he did. Amazon river. He had open ended straight draw and hit the best card he could hit (K) and not beat us.
We build back to 45 and then . . .
S5- we limp with 66 and get calls from S4567. Flop comes 238. Good, not great. We bet 1300 and s5 calls after tanking for a bit. Turn comes 3. No help for him there unless he has a big overpair he’s slow playing and he thinks we have 82. So, no help there for him. We bet 2600 and he calls. He appears to be hunting a big card, but it doesn’t come. River is a 5. We bet 4800 and he goes into the tank for a minute or two and then calls. He shows A8c to take it down. Ugh. We launched 10,000 in chips into an A8. Makes sense as we limped at the onset. Not sure if we would have faced him had we started at 850? But now is the time to execute, not learn. Time to get the saddle back on and ride.
S3- s8 raises to 700 and s9 calls. We call with 7Ts. Small bet and we are in good position. Everyone else folds and the flop comes 6QsAs. Nice. Big spades. Seat 8 bets 1500 and s9 folds. Big bet but it’s 1500 to win 3800 with 2 more betting rounds if we hit a spade. We call and the turn comes Ah. Ugly. If he has an ace, he may boat even if we hit the spade on the river. He bets 3300 and we fold.
S5 – we raise to 859 with AJd and get called by s7 in the B.B. flop comes 35Q. He checks and we check hoping to hit the turn. Turn comes Tc. Not a hit. Gives us a gut shot straight draw but nothing more. He checks. We bet 900 hoping to push him out but he calls. River pairs the 5. He checks and we check. He shows A3 to take it with his 3! Small pot but it hurts.
We have about 33 in chips at this point. Not where we want to be but better than the 24 we got down to. It’s a marathon (with a few sprints in there).
S9- s3 limps and s6 raises to 1100. S9 calls. We are in the sb with 69d. Already invested 150, but it’s a big bet to call. Looking like it will be a 4-way pot, but we are just too weak and in bad position to call here to see the flop. We call anyway. B.B. folds and s3 calls. 4 of us see a flop in a 5000 pot. Flop comes 8TQ rainbow. We have an open ended straight draw basically, needing a J or 7. We check and it checks all the way around. Happy to get a free card and candidly surprised no one has a hand here? Maybe someone is slow playing but that’s hard with a straight draw on the board. Turn pairs the 8. Hmmmm. We are first to act and could bet 3000 in a semi-bluff to try to take it down, but it just seems like another bad move. We check and it checks around. Maybe our bluff would have worked? River comes A. We got 2 free cards and missed the straight both times. A wager here would be a bluff, not a semi-bluff, and someone hit the ace. We check and seat 6 bets 4000. Seat 9 calls. We fold. S6 begrudgingly shows 67h – he did the full on bluff. S9 shows AKh to take it down. Had we bet the turn, we may have won; seat 9 may have called hoping for a big river?
We end round 2 with 31,300. Still a fighting stack.
Donkey jogging

On Jul 3, 2018, at 1:08 PM, Eric Kurtzman <eric@kurtzmans.org> wrote:
This is the one we’ve been waiting for. The event that has lasted anywhere between one and 32 hours of poker in the past.
It’s a very strange event with a mix of pros, amateurs, and a few people who probably have not seen the game played except on their television. The result is some wild surprises. With the deep stacks we can play weaker hands looking to hit and hoping to get a fish (eg 56s). Seats 2, 5 and 6 and maybe 7 at our table are pros.
We are in Seat 8 with 50,000 in chips playing 75-150 no limit hold’em with two hour rounds. Let the cards fly.
S2- s7 raises to 375 and we raise to 1075 with TT. Everyone folds to S7 who Re-raises to 3075. Hmmmm, he could have a bigger pocket pair or more likely a big ace. We call hoping for a T or low cards to see the flop come 38A rainbow. Ugh. He bets 3500. If he has a big pair of non aces we can raise and push him out. If he has a big ace, would he bet here or slow play a little. So much want to raise but he has us beat. Whether he has a big pair or an ace; it’s too early to go into full bluff mode. We fold.
We play in a few hands and pick up a few chips and lay one down that’s with comment.
S6- we are in the B.B. s1 raises to 300 and we call for 150 with T2. Not a good hand but for 150 let’s see if we get lucky. Flop comes 7TQh. We have a pair of tens and the 2h for a flush draw. We bet 400 and he raises to 1600. Hmmmm. We tank for a bit thinking about calling to hunt the turn. We fold and he shows 9Jh. He flopped the flush.
Sample of the ones we won would include things like:
S6 – S4 raises to 300 and we call with 9Q from the B.B. to see the flop comes 236. That probably didn’t hit him so we bet 450 trying to protect our pair of nothing and he folds.
S6- s2 bets 400 and s5 calls. We call from the B.B. with K6h. Very lose call. Flop comes 9JQ with Jh and s2 bets 600. S5 calls. We need a T, which may not be a winner, or runner runner hearts. Big pot brewing and we are last to act here so we call. Qh turns giving us a flush draw, but with a pair on the board that could be dead to a boat. S2 bets 1400 and s5 calls. Hmmm. Would he prefer-flop raise with Qx where x is a J or 9? Probably not so a flush is probably good if we get it. Again, there’s no one behind us now. We call and the river comes 8h! Still afraid of a boat we are happy to check it through so we check. Seat 2 checks and s5 bets 5000. We flat call and s2 folds. He shows a TJ for a straight and we take it down! Huge luck for us – 8h was the only card that would give him a straight and us a flush!
S3- s6 raises to 400 and we call with ATd. Flop comes 57T with 2 clubs. He checks. We have to protect our top pair top kicker! We bet 650 and he calls. Turn comes Qc. Terrible card. An overcard that puts a flush on the board. He checks. We can’t let another club hit and hopefully he didn’t hit the queen. We bet 1350 and he calls. Hmmmm. River comes Td! Unless he is slow playing QQ (which he wouldn’t have done on the flop), flopped a set or has a flush, we are good. He checks. If we bet he could raise us off our hand so we consider just checking. But if he has something like AQ, there’s money to be made here. We bet 2500. He calls and shows A9c for the flush. Ugh. Okay, hand went from good (ahead ore flop) to great (ahead post flop) to bad (dead on the turn) to terrible (dead but looking very alive on the river)!
S-2 s7 raises to 350 and we call with 89h. S9 and S2 call and the blinds both limp. 6-way pot! That’s great for hands like suited connectors. Flop comes 7c 9c Kh. We have a pair of 9s and a runner runner flush draw. Not great but three people check in front of us so we bet 1100 pretending to have a king. The sb calls and the turn comes Jh giving us a flush draw. He checks. We bet 2100 hoping he will fold. He calls. He likely has a king, which means we need a heart for a flush, a T for a straight, or an 8 or 9 to improve. We have 17 outs and 3h rivers! Unless he has A7 or AQh, we have this. If he had AQh he would have raised pre flop. If he has A7h, well, he just got ridiculously lucky (even luckier than we did if he doesn’t have A7h). The trick is to bet as much as possible without pushing him out. He can’t think we have a flush. It’s absurd. There’s almost 9,000 in the pot. We throw out an orange 5,000 chip and declare 4,800. He snap calls and mucks when we show our hand. The snap call makes me think we could have squeezed him for more, but how much more before we lose the fish?
S4- we raise to 375 with 66. S1 calls and s3 raises to 1500. S4 calls. Hmmm. Big pot. It’s 1125 to call. If we can win 10,000 if we flop a 6, this is a hand to play. We call and S1 folds. Flop comes 357 with 2 diamonds (we have 6d). We check and seat 3 bets 2000. S4 calls. We need a 4 or 6 to win. Big pot. Lots of action. We call. Turn comes Qd putting a flush on the board. We check and everyone checks through. Hmm, no one showing strength. River comes 6! We have a set. Unless one of them has a flush or a bigger set and they’re slow-playing, we are solid. We bet 6,000. Seat 3 folds and seat 4 calls and shows 77 for a set of 7s! I don’t understand how he played the hand and will have to look back at this. He didn’t protect himself from a 4th diamond by betting the turn? Oh well.
Big loss, but we are still above water. That’s 3 strange rivers. Two that got us bettingninto a better made hand (betting a set of Ts into a flush and betting a set of 6s into a set of 7s) and one that induced someone to bet a straight into our flush.
S2- s5 raises to 350 and we call with 36h. This is the kind of hand I mentioned up top, that we can only play with the deep stacks that the main event provides. 3 players call behind us and we see the flop 5-handed 369 with 2 Spades. We flopped 2-pair! Normally we would worry about protecting them because they are so small, but it’s possible no one hit the 9. Spades worry is some. The blinds and s5 check to us and we bet 825 into the 1750 pot. S5 calls. The turn comes Ac. Actually a good turn as it’s unlikely he bet pre-flop with A9. If the A hit him, he’s likely stuck in. He checks and we bet 1500. He calls. River comes Jc. Great that it’s not a spade, but AJ is definitely in his range. He checks and we bet 2800 hoping he folds or calls. He flat calls and mucks when we show our hand.
S6- and S7- I don’t remember well enough to write but they were interesting in their identical back to back play. Someone raised to 375 and we called from the blind with mid suited cards (79h and 9Jd). We flopped mid pair (eg flop 69K) and call the bet on the flop. A low card turns and we call the turn as the pot is 3 way and we have 5 outs to make what should be a winning hand. The river doesn’t hit us and we fold. Not terrible losses, but unsuccessful hunting can be painful if repeated.
S6- s6 raises to 400. Looks like a blind steal so we call from the B.B. with 8T. Flop comes 664. We check and he checks. A sign of weakness! Turn comes Q. Does he have one? We bet 625 and he calls. River comes 4 putting 44 and 66 on the board. As we are in the blind and could have anything, we fire 1800 into the pot. He goes into the tank for a full 2 minutes and then calls with JJ to take it down.
We started off falling to 47, ran it up to almost 60, and end the first 2 hours with 50,400. We are above where we started and warmed up!
Beware the Donkey